What to Consider Before Choosing A Valve for Your Pump


Valves have multiple functions depending on the system that they are using. Because there are different reasons why you can use a valve, there are many types of valves. There is at least one valve in every hydraulic system. That way, there is a need to have different types to cater to each respective need. The Types of valves available can be classified by the actuator medium. This classification includes the electric control valve, the pneumatic, and the hydraulic valves. The actuator is the component of the valve that is in charge of the working process of the valve. Usually, the actuator used in a valve has a huge effect on the valve performance. Therefore, choosing a valve based on the actuator medium will depend on the type of system in use. For instance, if you have a mechanical system that gets its power source from electricity, you can easily work with an electrical control valve. You already have an electric motor in the system, so connecting such a valve is no problem.

Valves may have different options and brands, but majorly, these valves have basically the same function. The idea is to control the flow of the liquid or gas in every mechanical or hydraulic system.  Hydraulic systems work with diverse types of pumps, and the main goal of the pump is to carry the fluid from place to place. There is no control in the pump as to how fast or slow the fluid will flow in the pump. Without such control, the pump is bound to get damaged within a few months of usage. The many types of valves may leave you confused when you need to choose one. This article will guide you on the factors that you should consider before you choose a valve.

Type of medium being used

The first question you need to ask yourself before getting a valve is what am I pumping? You can pump either liquid or gas materials, but that is only a state of matter. What matters most is the substance and properties of the materials you are pumping. You may be pumping materials that have extremely high chemical properties. The concentration of the chemical substances will determine the type of material you need for a valve.

What industry you are using it for

For you to be thinking about a valve, it already indicates that you are working with a centrifugal pump. This, in turn, indicates that you are using some complex manufacturing materials. The type of system you are bringing your valve into will determine the exact type of valve you need. Also, the size of the system and pump will influence the valve size you need. A huge mistake you can make when buying a valve is to buy a smaller valve.

What is The purpose of the valve?

Valves have many functions in any mechanical system, and there are many types of valves available. However, the valve you will buy depends on the need. Do you need a valve to control fluid movement automatically? Or do you have a minimum flow condition and you need a valve to fix that?


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