Tips On How To Make Your Wig


There is nothing as satisfying as making your wig. You get to choose the colors you want and the hair you want to use. If you are stuck on how to go about it, worry not. The steps below will guide you to make your lace front wigs. Who knows, you might even turn it into a business if the wigs turn out okay.

1. Get the right supplies

Before you get started on the actual process, ensure you have everything you need with you. You will need a wig stand that will hold your wig as you work on it. You also need a couple of J and C-hooks for sewing in the hair. Ensure you also get the wig clips, combs, and wig cap. Get some hairband if you want to make a headband wig. All this ensures you do not start running about once you start working

2. Select your lace cap

The most important thing you need to do is select your lace cap. While you might not have money to get the transparent lace cap. Ensure you get one that closely matches your scalp. That way, you will behave in a wig that looks more realistic. Various shops sell these caps so just ask around for them

3. Select your hair

Once you have selected your cap, the next thing you need to do is select your hair. You can get human hair if you want a wig that will last, but for the better part, synthetic is okay. Once you are learning, there is no need to get expensive hair that will get spoiled. Start with a cheaper version, then once you know how to make the wig well, you can go for better-quality hair.

4. Form the foundation

Start by sewing in the hair at the edges to form the foundation of your wig. Starting from the sides going in will ensure that all the necessary areas are covered. That way, even if you were to run out of hair bundles, the vital place has been taken care of.

5. Ensure your space well

As you start sewing in, ensure you pay patient to your spacing. Often you realize that your hair is not lying well because of poor spacing. Take your time and pace them out carefully so everything is uniform. Take the time to look at the wig you are working from and how the hair is lying down to ensure this happens. It will let you know if you are working on it properly. In case of any errors, you can always undo them before you go too far.

Last words

Making your wig is a fun process that will learn a new skill. If you have never tried it before, now is a good time to start. Get the right supplies and maybe look up a few classes online. They will give you a better idea of what you should be expecting.


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