Paddy The Wee Leprechaun

An enchanting and entertaining story following the disappearance of Paddy the Wee Leprechaun. Paddy is adventurous which tends to get him into trouble. One day he is late for dinner. His mother becomes extremely worried and calls upon the leprechauns and fairies in the glen to help search for him. Will Paddy be found?

This exciting tale will have you guessing where Paddy is while presenting a lesson, teaching children not to stray too far away from home.

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Barney’s Clubhouse Adventure

Barneys Clubhouse Adventure

Barney’s Clubhouse Adventure is an entertaining story about teamwork. It picks up the story line from the first book, Izzie the Inchworm’s First Day of School.  Barney, Izzie and their friends decide to meet and work on the project. They all have different ideas on how to build the clubhouse. They begin working individually. Disagreements occur. After some discussion, they finally decide on a design.

Barney and his friends learn how to communicate and work together. They realize that by working together as a team, they can accomplish a lot.  Everyone uses their talent to help build a fun place to play and hangout. They learn that Together Everyone Achieves More.

The Izzie Inchworm stories entertain and teach a lesson. Children will enjoy the antics of Izzie and her friends. Parents will appreciate that their children are learning a lesson as well as being entertained.

Izzie The Inchworm's First Day of School

izzie-the-inchworm-coverCome meet Izzie and her friends Barney Beetle, Flora Firefly, Lucy Ladybug and Sam and Stan the Spider twins.

Izzie and her friends provide important lessons on shyness, friendship and character building. This book also provides an opening for a discussion on bullying. This is a great book for preschoolers up to age 8.

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